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  2. Suicide and Depression in YA Lit: A Discussion and Reading List

  3. bookriot:

    Want to catch some of the YA books that have been made into films and have Netflix instant?

    Here are 3 you can watch right now.

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  4. I…what…

  5. isn’t going to be solved by date rape nail polish or date rape coasters or date rape underwear

    isn’t going to be solved by forcing dress code checks on girls to humiliate them so they don’t look like skanks.

    all those do is put the onus WHERE IT DOESN’T BELONG. 

  6. Keeping tabs on debut YA novels this year?

    Here’s a round-up of what’s out or coming out in the month of August

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  8. I thought it would be worthwhile to round-up and share some of the great book lists and discussions I’ve seen centering around good reading for those interested in discussing and thinking about the situation in Ferguson. The bulk of these resources are geared toward children’s and young adult lit, though some posts go a bit beyond than, as well as a bit beyond books. Topics include race, civil rights, social activism, and privilege.

    There are countless angles working here, but they are all important and worth thinking and talking about.

    I can’t add anything new or thoughtful to this discussion, but what I can do is give space to those who are generating much-needed and valuable resources and elements of conversation. If you know of additional book lists or topical guides worth mentioning, please drop them into the comments/feel free to reblog and add. I’m happy to continue revisiting this.

    • Lyn Miller-Lachmann talks about two YA titles — one out now and one coming out this fall — and the ways that writers and artists respond to social justice. I’m including this post specifically because I cannot get Kekla Magoon’s forthcoming How it Went Down out of my head these last couple of weeks and hope it shows up on your to-read lists. 

    • At Book Riot, Brenna Clarke Gray suggests 5 good books about race in America. These are all adult titles, but teen readers who are interested should be able to read and think about them. 

  9. thegayya:


    Sure! Some of the books I’ll be mentioning below aren’t books I’ve read so I can’t promise they’re well written but they are books I’ve heard nothing but good things about. Also most of the links will be to Amazon.co.uk but you can find all of them on the USA website too, if you have problems finding any let us know and we’ll try to help. Hopefully I’ll have managed to find at least a few things that catch your attention. If I don’t let me know and I’ll try harder haha.

    The Wicked Lovely series has Irial and Niall, both of whom are bisexual/pansexual faeries who feature quite heavily in Ink Exchange (this is where their story starts I think), Stopping Time and Old Habits, and I think they’re also in Fragile Eternity and Radiant Shadow but I don’t think they’re main characters, Darkest Mercy is the last book of the series and they’re both in that quite often again too I think. It’s been a while since I read the series but I really enjoyed it.

    Adaptation and it’s sequel Inheritence written by Malinda Lo (which isn’t out yet) have been likened to the X-Files, the main character is bisexual and has two love interests in the book, a male and female. It’s about a government conspiracy from what I can tell, bisexual-books​ have a full review on it here.

    Also by Malinda Lo is Ash, which I’ve written a short review on here. The main character is attracted to a male character and a female character so she’s polysexual. The novel is basically a retelling of Cinderella but with faeries. 

    Adamant by Kieron Wisser is about Greek myths and gods and goddesses being real. There’s at least one lesbian character and possibly more than one bisexual/pansexual character. It’s been a while since I read it so I’m not 100% sure. I wrote a post on it here.

    The Second Mango and it’s sequel Climbing the Date Palm by Shira Glassman has dragons, a lesbian princess main character and other various awesome things. There are apparently a few bisexual characters in the second book too, I haven’t read this series but it’s on my list. 

    Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block looks great too, it’s a sci-fi book described as having a main character who is the female Odysseus, if you have a kindle or a free kindle app (for mobile, tablet, computer) you can try the first five chapters for free. It hasn’t been released yet, or at least not in the UK. 

    Kings of Ruin has two main gay male characters. From the tiny bit that I’ve read there’s some kind of being which is controlling cars and causing crashes and stuff so I guess that counts as fantasy? idk

    Heroine Addiction by Jennifer Matarese is about superheroes. fandomsandfeminism does a full review of it here but from what I can tell the main character is bisexual and it’s a really diverse book in general (good female characters and POC representation). Hero by Perry Moore has a gay male protagonist, it’s another book about superheroes and I really enjoyed reading it. Masks: Rise of Heroes is yet another superhero book with a gay main character, I haven’t read this but it looks pretty good.

    We also have reviews on Iron and Velvet (lesbian private detective book with vampires, werewolves and other various supernatural beings) and Static (a genderfluid main character who can literally shift between genders)

    The Mortal Instruments has a gay character (Alec) and a bisexual character (Magnus) who are together (or at least they were in the last book I read).

    This post on Proxy (with a gay main character) will explain what it’s about. Another post on Prosperity which has sky pirates 

    According to riptidepublishingBlacker than Black by Rhi Etzweiler is a non-traditional vampire novel (they eat chi) set in a sort of dystopian future, and that features non binary characters who tend toward androgynous.”

    If you’re into graphic novels we have posts on Rat Queens (on of the main characters is queer), Saga (bisexual woman, gay men) and Shutter (trans character).

    It’s been a lot harder finding trans/non binary/asexual sci-fi books so if anyone has anything to add reblog this. There’s also this list here which has a few bisexual books that I’ve missed off and a post here with a few more. If any followers notice any thing wrong (for example if I’ve sad a character is bisexual but actually they’re gay) let me know, I tried to include a lot of stuff in this post so I might have missed something or misread something.


    Fabulous list! One of the first times I’ve seen the Wicked Lovely series recced which just makes me incredibly happy. 

    Would like to add: 

    (all my links are to Book Depository) 

    Pantomime by Laura Lam which is a fantasy/steampunk and has an intersex, gender-variant, polysexual main character, and several other queer characters. I loved this one, and it has my full recommendation. 

    Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey has a sort of major asexual guy, but there are no other queer characters. Was not my favorite book, but the ace representation was good. 

    The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson is a dystopia where all the characters are considered polysexual, and polyamory is one of the norms. Took me awhile to get through it, but was very well-written, and is definitely my favorite dystopian novel. 

    There’s also Quicksilver by R.J. Johnson. This is a sequel to Ultraviolet, and has a main character who is asexual. I’m not sure where exactly it falls genre-wise, but there are apparently sci-fi elements. This is a really great review by asexualagenda over on wordpress. 

    Oh, and Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis! I haven’t read it yet, but have heard many people talk about how good it is. It’s a sci-fi book with lots of queer characters, and lots of other representation. 

    And also, Love in the Time of Global Warming has a trans character (As well as lots of other queerness)! He is part of one of my literary OTPs. 


    Awesome and super useful lists. 

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